Anyone can follow directions.
We make the directions better.

Composed of software development experts with long track records and happy clients, Lexis Solutions is the technology partner you’ve been looking for. We won’t just take orders and execute to a T. Instead, we’ll tell you when something doesn’t make sense or it can be done better.

It’s possible to avoid all the problems of traditional development solutions by working with a boutique company that understands your needs and doesn’t suffer from the communication breakdowns larger groups do.

Reasonable fees for great work isn’t easy to find these days, but our team is top-tier and affordable to our North American and European clients.

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Lexis Solutions is a Clutch Top Development Company

We are proud to be named Clutch Top Developers in Bulgaria for 2022!

A partner that will make your idea better

The Lexis Solutions approach is different because we go above and beyond just taking directions. Our team immerses themselves in a project as if it is their own.

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Communication is key

Technical skills alone are not enough. That's why we put a huge effort into teamwork and social skills training.

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No middlemen

We do not sub-contract your project to shady third-party companies or freelancers. Our location allows us to provide excellent value with competitive prices.

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Executives you can trust

All of our board members have a technical background and work directly with clients. We know exactly what we sell, and how to steer the ship, so you always get the best outcome.

Our customers span the globe

Made in Sofia, shipped to wherever you are.

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We’ll bring your vision to life in code

Bring your app idea or business plan to life by speaking with one of our team today. We’ll determine the requirements, estimate the cost of the project, and get you moving in the right direction.

Lexis Solutions is a software agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a team of young professionals improving the digital world, one project at a time.


  • Deyan Denchev
  • CEO and Co-founder
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