5 Years Lexis Solutions: A Rooftop Party

Lexis Solutions is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

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Good old (and new) friends. A lot of blue outfits. Some cupcake challenges. And one fantastic rooftop. That's how we would describe the 4th of August when Lexis Solutions marked its 5th birthday.

Lexis Solutions started with four enthusiastic developers - its founders - Bilyal, Deyan, Emil, and Milush, who met at a university competition and embarked on a new adventure - Lexis Solutions. Five years later, 14 people are involved in the life of Lexis' family. It recently expanded with our manager of growth - Mira, and intern - Oleksandr.

All of the mentioned and the rest of the Lexis team - Antoniya, Dilyan, Radoslav, Stefan, Nikola, Martin, and Victor gathered together with some good old friends from the Bulgarian IT world at the Barter Community Hub to celebrate the company's 5th birthday. Unfortunately, Ivan missed the party, but was definitely missed.

Lexis Solutions-Team 2

Our CEO Deyan gave a speech and presented the company and its development.

Deyan giving a speech

To honor our celebration, the guests followed a special dress code - to wear the Lexis Solutions' color - blue.

Milush and a blue guest Guests1

There was a lot of delicious food, an open bar, excellent music from DJ Michael Veili, and some specially made Lexis Solutions cupcakes.

Food TOP DJ Cupcakes Cupcakes3

The team's effort is crucial… especially when blowing up balloons.

Ballons Ballons2

Stoyan, our skilled photographer, was always around the corner and captured all the important moments. He also made sure everyone had an Instagram-worth picture.

Instagram1 Instagram2 Instagram3 Instagram4

Of course, Lexis Solutions' rooftop party wouldn't have been the same without its guests. We thank them for their smiles, good appetite, and sense of humor.

Guest Guest2 Guest3 Guest5 Guest6

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