In the Heart of the Mountains: A Lexis Solutions getaway

Celebrating 6 incredible years at Lexis Solutions with a mountain retreat in Bulgaria's breathtaking Bansko!

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The mountains were calling us

Lexis Solutions has just celebrated its sixth anniversary! We added one more year of hard work, constant laughter, and indulging in office-baked goods a bit more than we should've. So we treated ourselves to an unforgettable getaway in the city of Bansko, among Bulgaria's majestic mountains.

lexis team 1

Journeying through nature's beauty

The breathtaking landscapes of the Bulgarian mountains set the stage for an unforgettable experience. We started our hike from Vihren Chalet and visited the magnificent lakes around.



The spirit of sportsmanship

Sport has always been a crucial part of Lexis Solutions, so a friendly football match brought out the team's competitive spirit as we kicked up the dust and scored goals.


The Airsoft challenge

An unexpected highlight was the airsoft battles, where another friendly competition took on a new dimension.

air force

air force 2

Between the planned activities, we had fun with various games and enjoyed the spa at the hotel where we were staying. And, of course, the Lexis team did not miss the opportunity to delight in the flavors of our typical cuisine.

lexis team 2

In the heart of the Bulgarian mountains, Lexis Solutions found more than just an escape; we found a journey of growth, unity, and unforgettable moments. This getaway showcased that a team that plays together grows and succeeds together.

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