Innovating with AI instruments - Part Two

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Step into the realm of AI innovations once again! Previously, Lexis Solutions introduced you to some of the top AI-powered tools for videos, content, and images. In this second chapter, get ready to hit all the right notes with a collection of tools for producing the ultimate music, audio, and design masterpieces.



AIVA is the AI-powered composer that crafts unique soundtracks for your every need. Whether for a gaming adventure, a marketing masterpiece, or a special event, this musical prodigy will generate the perfect score. Select a predefined style or upload your sound to guide AIVA's creative flow.


Get ready to be amazed by the audio alchemy of Supertone, the innovative Korean studio that blends art and technology to create music, voices, and more! They're the masters of speech enhancement, song revival, and dubbing - and if you want to hear ABBA singing in Korean, they've got you covered.


Magenta Studio comprises a set of music plugins that are constructed upon Magenta's open-source tools and models. Leveraging advanced machine learning methods for musical composition, Magenta is accessible both as an independent application and as an integrated plugin for Ableton Live.

Orb Producer Suite

Assisting producers in crafting melodies, basslines, and wavetable synthesizer sounds, Orb Producer employs cutting-edge technology to generate limitless musical patterns and loops. These serve as inspirational foundations for musicians to build their creative ideas upon.


Under the ownership and operation of OpenAI, MuseNet can produce songs featuring a diverse range of up to 10 instruments spanning across 15 distinct styles. While MuseNet offers a rich array of AI-generated music for enjoyment, it must provide the functionality to create original music independently.



Introducing Cleanvoice, the AI-powered solution tailored to enhance your podcasts or audio recordings by eliminating filler sounds, stutters, and unwanted mouth noises. You can easily upload your audio, allow the AI to perform its cleaning magic, and obtain the refined outcome effortlessly. Experience the benefits firsthand with a complimentary 30-minute trial, allowing you to explore its functionality and witness its effectiveness.


FakeYou is a text-to-speech generator offering diverse options featuring hundreds of voices. You can effortlessly select any voice and have it articulate the text you input. Whether it's the voice of your favorite actor, singer, or even your cherished animated character, the choices are abundant. It's a creative and entertaining means to prank a friend playfully, wouldn't you agree? And the best part? It's free.


LALAL.AI emerges as an advanced AI audio tool, harnessing the capabilities of machine learning algorithms to swiftly and accurately accomplish this task. This exceptional AI system empowers you to effectively extract voices or instruments from audio files while preserving the original quality. By offering a complimentary 10-minute trial period, you can experience its prowess firsthand. Furthermore, another 5 minutes can be unlocked by simply following them on Reddit.


Uberduck's text-to-speech technology boasts an impressive selection of over 5,000 expressive voices at your disposal, ready to enhance your voiceovers. This platform goes further by enabling you to replicate your voice. Whether for entertainment – like creating singing or rapping voices – or for professional endeavors, Uberduck caters to both. It's a dynamic tool offering versatile applications, including the creative and the commercial. With subscription plans commencing at just $10 per month, it's an accessible gateway to a world of vocal possibilities.


Design Beast

Design Beast is a comprehensive AI-powered design platform that unites many design functionalities into a single hub. Encompassing the Mockup Engine, Logo Factory, Image Editor, Object Remover, Background Remover, and Pixel Perfect tools, this platform emerges as a valuable solution, particularly for those who may not have a design background. Its vast library of pre-designed templates caters to various applications, offering a user-friendly experience. With pricing starting at an affordable one-time payment of $67, Design Beast provides a cost-effective avenue into the world of versatile and professional designs. boasts an array of customizable templates, a vast selection of stock photos and videos, audio track uploads, and collaborative functionalities to enhance your workflow. Subscription plans commence at $12/month, while the option to purchase individual projects is also available at $45 per project.


Uizard can convert screenshots into editable designs and can even automatically transform your sketches into polished designs. Whether your focus is crafting landing pages, designing apps, or creating wireframes, Uizard offers an intuitive and efficient solution with its time-saving features. Uizard's innovative functionality comprehensively addresses your design needs.


Tome crafts incredible presentations as a seamless experience. Enter your prompts into the command bar, and watch as Tome creates mesmerizing slideshows. Whether you're turning strategy papers, creative briefs, websites, or extensive content into engaging presentations, Tome has you covered.

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