Replacing Swift with React Native

Meet.Direct is a social platform that connects businesses and people. It provides businesses more exposure and statistics about customers and discounts to private users.

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Our work started with a Web app and a native iOS app written on Swift. The iOS app validated both the business case and the business model and the platform was getting traction as the number of users rose every day. At this point, our team took responsibility for the Web app.

Not long afterward there came a demand from the Android users -- they also wanted a native app. The team decided on re-writing everything on React Native. This was the only reasonable approach as otherwise, the client would have to hire yet another dev team.

React Native makes it easy to simultaneously develop for both Android and iOS, and we effortlessly replaced the Swift app with minimal cost. The benefits for the client were tangible:

  • two mobile applications that looked and felt truly "native"

  • the programming language among the web & mobile apps became just one

  • the development team was one

  • the codebase was being shared

React Native allowed for a straightforward deployment on Google Play & Apple Store.


As a result, every new feature and hotfix would be implemented in a single place, reducing time to market and expenses more than twice.

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