Lexis Solutions is a Clutch Top Development Company in Bulgaria for 2022

Clutch's 2022 team article about Lexis Solutions.

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Lexis Solutions isn't just a team of expert developers with decades of combined experience. We're also a team that deeply cares about our clients and how our work impacts their operations. This is why we invest so much time and effort into ensuring they get exactly what they want. Now, this approach is paying dividends for us because our clients have just helped us get named one of the best development companies in Bulgaria for 2022 by Clutch.


Clutch is an online review and rating platform providing the B2B industry with important research on fact-finding. They do this through their unique verification process that tests information for authenticity before publishing them as reviews on their site.

Their 2022 research showcases that we're at the top of the country's development industry because we've gained the approval of our clients and partners. Clutch's driving criteria are the number and quality of reviews written and published on a company's profile.

"We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from Clutch. This recognition only strengthens our belief in providing top-quality services to our customers. It does mean a lot to see that our way of doing business is appreciated and celebrated. Lexis Solutions is thankful for the clients we met and left a positive review for us. This award is as much our as it is theirs."

Deyan Denchev, Co-Founder of Lexis Solutions.

Lexis Solutions is growing, and we are rapidly expanding our skillset. Each client provides us with unique challenges and interactions we can learn from! The team is eager to face the challenges ahead, and if your project is exciting, we would like to hear from you!

Please contact our team for more information on how we can connect as soon as possible.

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Lexis Solutions is a software agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a team of young professionals improving the digital world, one project at a time.


  • Deyan Denchev
  • CEO & Co-Founder
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