What the Hack? 15 must-watch Tech Movies

Another day, another recommendation from Lexis Solutions - this time, it is all about the tech movies!

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Lexis Solutions has already recommended the most valuable books to read and podcasts to listen to regarding technology and software development. But if you want to chill and still learn about the tech world or wonder what to watch during the upcoming holidays, let's dive into the following list:

*The article might contain spoilers.

'Jobs' (2013): The movie is about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. It follows from his 1976 invention of the Apple 1 computer in his parent's garage to his ousting from the company he co-founded.

'Steve Jobs' (2015): The film follows the life of Steve Jobs - from a professional point of view to his relationship with his daughter, his conflicts with Steve Wozniak, and his generally mercurial and callous disposition.

'Triumph of the Nerds' (1996): A three-part-90s documentary featuring interviews from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others and follows the development of the personal computer.

'The Imitation Game' (2014): The movie shows the invention of the first computer by the British mathematician Alan Turing, considered to have laid the foundation for modern computing and artificial intelligence, and his team. It also depicts how they were able to come up with a way to decode the German Enigma Code.

'The Social Network' (2010): The movie is about the founding of Facebook (Meta) and its founder Mark Zuckerberg's participation in the legal battles with the Winklevoss twins and Divya Narendra, claiming Zuckerberg stole their idea.

'Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates' (2019): A 3-part Netflix original documentary about Bill Gates, including insight from his wife Melinda, exploring the brilliant mind of the former tech CEO and the goals he has for his post-Microsoft future, including striving for climate change solutions.

'Tron' (1982): The story follows an abducted computer hacker into the digital world and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program.

'Antitrust' (2001): The programmer Milo Hoffman starts being a part of the software development company NURV (a fictionalized version of Microsoft). The idea behind the firm is to create a network of satellites to develop a global communications system called Synapse that is intended to "fuel business for the next 30 years" and "change the world." But then Hoffman's best friend is murdered...

'Ex Machina' (2015): The movie focuses on artificial intelligence and its applications in humankind, helping people live better lives. It depicts the struggles of programmers in developing software and also shows the harmful effects if not used correctly.

'The Internship' (2013): Two salesmen start their internship at Google; they compete with a young group of tech-savvy geniuses for a shot at employment.

'The Great Hack' (2019): The documentary film delves into the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica 2018 scandal that centers around mining data from millions of Facebook users without their consent.

'Hackers'(1995): A cult classic all about geeky teens who are 'too cool for their age'; the hackers break into a supercomputer that belongs to a mineral corporation but unfortunately get caught by the security officer and former hacker, The Plague. The Plague lies to the authorities that the hackers stole a virus to capsize the company's oil fleet to cover up his diabolical plan.

'Hidden Figures' (2016): Based on a true story, 'Hidden Figures' revolves around three African-American female mathematicians who were crucial figures in John Glenn's orbit launch in 1962.

'CodeGirl' (2015): A documentary film following teams of high school girls across the globe as they try to solve their community's problems by creating a mobile app for the annual Technovation.

'WarGames' (1983): A classic that tells the story of an 80s adolescent hacker in a single word. The film portrays the boy's unintended entry into WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) while thinking it was a game and the consequences.

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