When Life Gives You Lemons, Partner with Lemon.io: Lexis Solutions did!

Lemon.io welcomes Lexis Solutions to its growing network of top-tier remote developers.

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Lemon.io has welcomed Lexis Solutions into its esteemed partnership network, acknowledging our commitment to providing exceptional services that meet the highest standards.

What is Lemon.io?

Lemon is a managed marketplace where they choose the most suitable projects for the best service providers considering their qualifications and availability.

They have a rigorous screening process to ensure the highest quality service for their clients. They evaluate a developer's hard and soft skills and proficiency in English to make the deal successful before welcoming you into their Lemon Community. Clients choose them because of their top-tier network of developers performing their tasks with due diligence and outstanding communication.

Currently, their talent pool consists of 1000+ remote developers.

What is the success rate?

Out of 9000 applicants, Lemon has accepted the top 360. That’s only 4% of all candidates.

Joining the network as a freelancer

This article doesn’t cover the topic of joining Lemon.io as a solo contractor. If you’re interested, you can learn more about it here.

Joining the network as a service provider

In August 2022, we had the opportunity to meet their team personally and talk about the hottest trends around the IT industry and especially delivering quality IT solutions.

The application process for a service provider like us was more stringent and comprehensive than for individuals.

In the beginning, we had a detailed conversation with their partnership development managers, where their team learned details about the company like:

  • What is the company structure?
  • What are the company's competitive advantages?
  • What are the team structure and responsibilities?
  • Who are our previous clients?
  • What is our vision & mission?
  • What is our experience & expertise in different industries?
  • What is the company screening process for new colleagues?

Pro tip:

Here are some no goes to keep in mind before applying to the network:

  • Developers without skin in the game.
  • Developers with less than three years of experience
  • Developers who joined your company less than three months ago.
  • Developers with less than Full Professional working proficiency in English.
  • Developers with mediocre communication skills.

We waited for a couple of days for their verification process, after which they contacted us with a positive reply.

The next step was evaluating the English proficiency of our colleagues, as communication skills are of utmost importance for Lemon's clients. We each had a friendly conversation with a team member responsible for language level checks.

After that, the Lemon team conducted online meetings with three of our current clients, where each shared their experience from collaborating with us. They all leave positive feedback and endorse us without reservation, as they have seen what we can do.

The final step was building an impressive profile for each of our developers ready for a new challenging project. We crafted excellent technical portfolios with Lemon's guidance and insights to stand out.


Keep in mind that this was the process only for us. There is no guarantee that it will be the same for your company.

How it works

Once you join Lemon's network, your company is invited to join private channels where its expert team will promptly notify you of the most promising opportunities for your company and its clients. With detailed information provided upfront, you can quickly determine whether the project aligns with your strengths and interests. Should both parties express interest, Lemon will facilitate an introductory meeting, ranging from friendly get-togethers to in-depth technical discussions.

These conversations aren't just about finding the right technical fit and evaluating whether the client and technical person are a match. Lemon's team moves swiftly to provide you with feedback, and when there is a mutual interest, the process is streamlined without unnecessary bureaucracy. Before you know it, you'll dive into the client's project.

From applicants to partners

We are proud to say that we have had several successful partnerships with Lemon.io within just a few months. Their trustworthy community, combined with our diligent work, has led to new partnerships that benefit everyone.

Joining Lemon.io has been an excellent decision for our company. We look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver quality IT solutions and grow our success stories.

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