Mindance makes successful exit with a blended-learning solution for workplace mental health

Mindance is the leading mental health platform for companies in Germany. It offers a digital solution to help integrate research-based mental training into customers' HR development and health promotion programs. The exercises contribute to the employees' mental well-being by increasing productivity and reducing stress levels.

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Mindance needed professional developers to supplement their core tech team and to deliver planned key features to their customers and investors.

As they already had an unpleasant experience working with different freelancers who don't have skin in the game, they made a thorough selection of the service company they would choose. Their primary requirements were:

  • Clear communication.

  • A deep understanding of the technologies.

  • Reliable developers who could deliver on time.


Initially, Lexis Solutions provided one mobile developer. The first task was fixing a crucial existing performance issue affecting many clients. Feature by feature, the needed expertise was provided, and the two teams built trust.

Lexis Solutions scaled its team, which helped Mindance to meet the tight investor deadlines. Essential features were added to the platform: sleep quality, concentration, and mindfulness exercises, video and text communication between customers and psychological experts.



onboarded companies


new key features


acquired by PME Familienservice Group

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  • Deyan Denchev
  • CEO & Co-Founder
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