Onno Plus achieves 3X sales by tailor-made CRM and e-commerce checkout

Onno Plus, a Berlin-based marketing company, provides 8000+ German businesses with the tools to perfect their online presence. Their core product is assistance with removing fake and harmful reviews on leading platforms such as Google Maps, Trustpilot, Kununu, etc.

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Onno Plus needed to scale its operations which meant wide-scale adoption of new systems and apps to support, extend, and automate its processes. Their existing order management system required improvement in terms of efficiency and functionality. 

The support and sales teams worked independently, so two completely different systems were applied, thus making the impact of the two teams on the outcome hard to track, measure, and compare. The challenge was to unify all workmates and processes under an extendable, fast, and scalable central app.


Onno Plus trusted Lexis Solutions to build a custom CRM web application to house their operations. Within 4 months, we worked together to shape the app's first version and execute a smooth transition to the new platform. The process included data migration, training sessions, and other customizations.

A better way of working

In the following month, we introduced the sales module to the CRM which allowed the sales team to easily share and access customer information and sales data, leading to better collaboration and coordination.

Custom integrations & automation

After all, teams were onboarded to the new CRM; Lexis Solutions continued to tailor and perfect the workflows by adding integrations (AIrcall, Gmail, Maps), automations (e.g., auto-scanning for negative reviews), and new apps to improve their customers’ buying experience.



increase in sales


faster order booking


increase in headcount

Walter Klaschka

The impact on our business results through the developed solutions have been immense. The developed CRM formed the basis for the scalability of our business model. 

To be honest, we are very lucky with our decision to work together with Lexis Solutions and looking forward to succeeding in future projects.

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