Onstock is a platform that connects wholesalers and retailers on a local level, organizing the management of sales and inventory for both sides.

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Onstock is a platform that enables wholesalers to publish their offers to retailers, perfectly integrated with an intuitive and reliable mobile ERP system. This enables wholesalers to gain exposure in an open local market and automate their business processes easily, while retailers can explore offers and find goods for competitive prices for their shops.

The platform provides a social channel for small-to-mid businesses on top of a traditional ERP system. The core principles integrated in the Onstock are automation, usability, refined design.


The backbone of the product is written using Node.js over a MySQL database. We employ a Multi-Tenancy SaaS architecture model to enable businesses to get started with no hardware requirements and easier onboarding. All data is transferred via a secure SSL connection, task runners create regular backups. In case any severe errors occur, alerts are configured to alert via mail. All releases must pass quality checks to go through the test-deploy pipeline on GitHub.

Web Application

A complementary application for firm owners’ use. Implements core functionality for inspection of the firm activity using the Android app, such as viewing statistics, sales of agents, generating PDF documents. The framework used is React.JS.

Public wholesale catalogs

Firms choose which offers to display on their public catalog. Each firm has a unique page associated with it, accessible using any browser where their goods are displayed. Users of this system are retailers who can search for items in bulk in their geographic area. The framework employed is ReactJS.

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