Advanced Software Solution for Customer Feedback Analysis and Service Enhancement consisting of seven integrated modules.

The first module is dedicated to collecting customer feedback, where various types of surveys are created, supported by NPS methodology, and can accommodate multiple languages. It also includes a database for storing survey responses and capabilities for telephone interview data.

The second module focuses on the analysis of this feedback, featuring graphical interpretations of NPS results and segmenting these results by customer types and projects. It also identifies the spectrum of customer satisfaction levels.

The third module delves into customer behavior analysis, offering graphical insights into behavior indicators, their correlation with NPS scores, and evaluating the performance of these indicators.

Process analysis forms the fourth module, where it tracks and visually represents survey data, including the status and reach of each survey and telephone interview.

The fifth module is aimed at service improvement, providing tools for creating, planning, and tracking service enhancement tasks.

System configuration is the sixth module, essential for the management of client information, email communications, languages, and overall parameters for conducting NPS surveys. It also includes the setting of system rules and managing necessary managerial approvals.

Lastly, the seventh module is about managing users and their roles within the system. It encompasses everything from user creation and role assignment to ensuring secure and compliant access as per modern standards. Overall, the system is designed to enhance the analysis of customer feedback and improve service quality through a detailed, multifaceted approach.

Our software solution is fully configurable according to your needs. Contact us for more info.

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