Lexis Solutions: The Thassos Adventure

Lexis Solutions is exploring Thassos island.

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Lexis Solutions decided to hit the Greek road at the beginning of September.

Just a month after Lexis turned 5, its team gathered together on Thassos island. In 3 days, the teammates not only got closer but immersed themselves in the Greek culture by enjoying the beautiful beaches, the traditional food, and dancing to its music.

Lexis' Team-taverna

We knew Lexis's team and some of their loved ones; five cars and a 6.5-hour journey demanded careful preparation. So, we got up early and left Sofia before the morning traffic jammed the streets. Neither the rain nor the waiting at the border could sink our spirits. But what about the ferry?

Is the ferry scary?

Firstly, it took some configuration, who should travel in whose car, but finally, Lexis' team started approaching its first aim - the ferry. Surprisingly some of us hadn't been on a ferry before but soon realized it was not that scary. And after all, you can observe all the beauty around it.


After a few fun hours, Lexis Solutions safely arrived at Mon Avis Boutique hotel, which Bulgarians ran to our surprise. We did book 75% of the hotel, so you can say we had a private pool.

Dilyan na hotela baseina, v koito taka i ne vlqzohme Bilyal chok gyzar

From developers to real volleyball stars

It took us one visit to a Thassos beach to realize that real volleyball stars are hiding inside our developers' hearts. For the whole vacation, the typical yellow ball never left our hands. So the game became crucial in our team building.

voleybolnite zvezdi na lexis voleybolni zvezdi v moreto HD

1, 2, 3... Jump!

The famous Thassos place, Giola tested Lexis' team's bravery. Even though some just observed, others didn't hesitate to jump from quite the distance into the sea!

vsqka jaba da si znae giola skachameeee

Shrimps here, calamari there

But what is Greece without its typical delicious cuisine? We visited two fantastic local tavernas, where we tried a bit of everything.

krasivi pak krasivi

Yes or no?

Except for all the eating, we spent our evenings getting to know each other by playing different games. Even though one game (which we will keep for ourselves) confused pretty much everyone and made some laugh, others mad, in the end, it got us closer than ever.

Viktor i Ivan ot Stara Zagora

They say when you are with the right people, the time passes faster. Definitely, the 3 days Lexis Solutions spent at Thasos island felt like more like 3 hours.

lexis bez Nikola i Dilyan, koito ni izostaviha nomer 1,2,3,4

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